Replacing missing teeth or a missing tooth is paramount. Teeth are essential to your facial structure and play a huge part in the wellbeing of your overall health. Here are some of the implant-related procedures for replacing a missing tooth, offered by 03 dental. 

Small span bridges

Small span bridges can be used when you have one or more missing tooth in your dental arch. Implants can be placed with a view to supporting a bridge, instead of using remaining healthy teeth as anchors. Not every vacant gap needs an implant; implants can be placed at either end of the gap or at the center of the span, though this depends on how many teeth you have missing. A bridge can then be constructed to sit on the implants. Alternatively, it might be possible to use an existing tooth at one end as an anchor and an implant at the other to secure a bridge. We understand that each patient’s case is different and requires careful planning. We will talk through all of your options with you before moving forward with treatment.

Single tooth implant

There are some patients who only require a single tooth implant in order to enhance the aesthetics and function of their smile. Your dentist will thoroughly examine your suitability for treatment as well as your functional and aesthetic needs. The implant will be placed under local anaesthetic here at 03 Dental and will need some time to heal over a period of months. A hand- crafted crown will be created by our dental technician and will be attached to your implant once it has had time to fuse with your jawbone. There are occasions where we can provide patients with the final crown earlier on but generally speaking we wait 3 months. We are able to offer temporary tooth replacements for the healing period.

All on four

Some patients wish to have a fixed denture in their lower or upper jaw – this is known as All on Four, pioneered by Portuguese dentist Dr Paulo Malo. This treatment involves using four implants to permanently anchor a full arch of teeth in place (if there is sufficient bone and bone quality). The result is life-changing – you will no longer have to deal with the fear of your dentures falling out or moving when you are socialising, eating and drinking – get your quality of life back.

If you would like more information about replacing a missing tooth, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US and we can arrange a consultation for you.