Here at 03 Dental, we craft beautiful all-porcelain and porcelain fused to metal crowns that have a natural look to suit your other natural teeth. 

The crown of a tooth is the part that is visible in your mouth. If you have a weak tooth, synthetic crowns cover this and protect it (as shown below).

What is the process behind getting a crown at 03 Dental? 

– The tooth will be shaped to be the same size as your other natural teeth (depending on where it will sit in the mouth). The preparation time is variable depending on how damaged your tooth is as well as whether you require a filling to build it up. You may also need a root canal if the nerve needs to be removed and the crown may be secured in place using a post in the root canal if much of your tooth is missing.

– Once the procedure begins, your dentist will use a mouldable, soft material in order to create accurate impressions of the tooth that will be crowned.

– Our dental technician will use the impressions to create a crown that is the precise height and size needed. If necessary, a thin cord will be used to hold the gum away from the tooth to render the impression more accurate around the edges.

– Whilst your permanent crown is being made up, you will be given a temporary crown made of metal or plastic to place over your tooth (until your crown is ready). You will be able to continue biting and chewing as normal with your replacement crown, but note that it will not be as strong as your finished one.

– When your crown has been fitted, minor adjustments will be made to ensure it is as comfortable as possible. Once these are complete (if needed), it is glued into place.

What are the benefits of being fitted with a crown?

  • Crowns are very strong.
  • They look and feel like one of your natural teeth.
  • You can choose the colour and size with your dentist so that it is a match for your other teeth.
  • If the tooth underneath is strong, crowns are extremely durable, lasting for many years. You will need to look after your tooth, brushing correctly and maintaining good oral hygiene.

If you would like to know more about the process behind having a crown at 03 Dental, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US and Mr Flanagan will be happy to talk this through with you at a consultation.