Dental Treatment for Gaps Between Teeth


Do you have gaps in between your front teeth? Have you got unsightly ‘black triangles’ between your teeth and gums?
Natural spaces between the front teeth (diastemata) can be quite beautiful, but you may wish to close yours. ‘Black triangles’ – or the triangular gaps between your teeth along your gum line as your gums recede – aren’t so attractive and can leave your smile old and tired.

Both are widespread problems many people believe to be too challenging to deal with. Particularly with ‘black triangles’, the exposed root created by gum recession may leave you feeling vulnerable and less likely to seek help. We encourage you to come and talk to us at O3 Dental about these issues. Damian, our lead dentist and practice owner, has wide-ranging and extensive experience across all areas of cosmetic dentistry. We can guarantee you are in safe hands.

What is the cause of ‘black triangles’?
The most likely reason for the gum recession that causes ‘black triangles’ is periodontal disease, and you must be treated for this as soon as possible. Our hygienists are there to support you with education and a bespoke cleaning programme individually created for you. Once we are sure that your mouth is in good health, we can proceed with treatment, and we are happy to now offer a unique composite bonding technique as a solution to your gaps and ‘black triangle’ worries.

What does the treatment involve?
We place a transparent tooth-shaped plastic shell over your tooth and fill it with composite material matched to the shade of your teeth. The composite collects in the areas where you have no tooth, and when the shell is removed, you are left with a beautifully contoured composite that is natural looking. This simple, non-invasive procedure requires a highly skilled practitioner to achieve a natural-looking and beautiful result.

What are the benefits of having this treatment?
An added advantage of this system over veneers or crowns is that composite build-up can help improve the integrity of the gum.

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