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What are they?
A veneer is a thin layer of tooth-coloured material that is secured onto the front of the tooth to improve its aesthetic appearance. This can be done if a tooth is badly discoloured or if it has been damaged by decay or an accident. Several or a full set of veneers might be used as part of a smile makeover to reshape a discoloured or wonky smile or close gaps between teeth. Our veneers are made out of dental porcelain by our highly skilled dental technicians.

How are veneers fitted?
As with all dental treatments, we will perform a complete oral health examination first to check for periodontal disease or any other health issues. Once we have cleaned your teeth, a very small amount of your natural tooth enamel needs to be removed – just enough to prevent the veneer from making the tooth look or feel bulky. Preparation time will depend on the appearance and shape of the original teeth.

When the teeth have been prepared we will use a putty-like material to make an impression, or mould, of your mouth. From this mould, our dental technicians can expertly craft the perfect veneer for you. In a separate visit, we will attach the veneer to your teeth using a top-quality dental bonding agent. Generally speaking, veneers are very hardy, and patients are thrilled with the long-lasting and beautiful results. On occasion veneers have been known to break away from the tooth or break if the tooth is knocked; usually, we can glue them back on, but if they are damaged they can be replaced.

Some veneers are built up on the tooth directly using the same composite material used for white fillings. The surface of the tooth is roughened with a mild acid, then the white filling material is applied in layers until the teeth look right. We will evaluate whether veneers are an option for you and discuss the options clearly with you.

How long will the whole process take?
Preparation time will depend on the health of your teeth. We will then use a soft, malleable material to make exact impressions or moulds of the tooth to be crowned and the nearby teeth. A thin cord may hold the gum away from the tooth so the impression is accurate around the edges. Our dental technicians use these moulds to craft a beautiful, natural-looking crown of precisely the right colour and size to match your existing teeth.

A temporary crown made of plastic or metal is put over the tooth until the permanent crown is made. You can chew with a temporary crown, but it won’t be as strong as the finished one. When the crown is fitted, your dentist will make minor adjustments to ensure you can bite comfortably. The crown is tried on first and then cemented into place.

What are the benefits of veneers?
Veneers can significantly improve your appearance. They hide imperfections, and you lose very little natural tooth material. Veneers can also protect your teeth from any further damage. Acids in the mouth caused by certain foods and drinks can cause your tooth enamel to dissolve away over time, and this can make your teeth very sensitive to hot and cold. In this situation, veneers can protect your teeth. If the tooth is strong, a veneer is often a better option than a crown for improving its appearance.