Bone Graft for Tooth Implant


What is it?
Every time you lose a tooth to decay, or trauma, the bone where the root of the tooth once was begins to disappear. If the tooth, or teeth, have been missing for some time, the bone volume in the jaw can be less than ideal for placing an implant, so we will need to add some bone. This can be done in two ways. If the defect is small we can use bone derivatives, which are either bovine or synthetic.

If the problem is more advanced, we may need to refer you to the hospital to have some of your own bone taken from your hip and transplanted into your mouth. On other occasions, we can take bone from sites inside the mouth and transplant it in our surgery using special techniques and equipment. We will discuss the efficacy with you before beginning any treatment and decide which is the most suitable for you. After an appropriate healing period, we can then place the titanium implants and carry out the normal prosthetic treatment.

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