What is a dental implant?
Implants are one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth. Normal teeth have a membrane holding them into the jaw whilst dental implants are inserted via a straightforward surgical treatment and are then left to fuse with the patient’s jawbone. Dental implants have a very high success rate of 96-97%.

Missing teeth don’t present too much hassle initially, but as time goes on, a missing tooth will impact more on your appearance. Missing teeth can cause your facial features to droop and cause your other teeth to shift out of position, creating large gaps where bacteria can easily settle and cause gum disease.

Missing teeth also impede your ability to chew food properly, which means your digestion is also affected if left untreated, as your mouth cannot break food down to the correct size.

Replace a missing tooth

You should replace a missing tooth when:
– Suffered an accident where your teeth have been knocked out. If this happens, you should visit the dentist immediately so that any immediate damage can be reversed.
– You have badly cracked your tooth.
– If your tooth’s root is decaying and dying.

If you knock your tooth out you should:
– Hold it by the crown (i.e the white part protruding from the gum).
– Rinse the tooth clean.
– Place it back into position if possible – note that you should never try to re-insert a baby tooth.

Mini Implants at 03 dental

These are a thinner version of standard implants and are used in many cases. They are a more economic way of offering denture stabilisation.

Generally, 6 implants are used in the upper jaw and 4 in the lower.

The advantages of mini implants:
Although they may have a reduced lifespan in comparison with regular implants, they are still classed as a ‘long-lasting’ solution.

Cost effective.
Mini implants can be fitted quickly and more easily than regular implants – in many cases, the restoration can be fitted on the same day as the implant is placed.

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