“There is more than a single way of replacing a missing tooth and dental implants are widely considered the best way, being a fixed solution that become a non-synthetic part of your body.” Damian Flanagan

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Dental implants 

Dental implants continue to be patient’s next best choice for replacing a missing tooth, providing more stability than dentures as well as more comfort. They are also a fixed solution unlike dentures which are removable, which means you need not be anxious about potential embarrassment of them falling out.

Features and benefits of dental implants 

  • Designed to become a permanent part of you.
  • Can be maintained like your other natural teeth.
  • Fixed and therefore no need to fear them falling out.
  • Bespoke – created to match your other teeth.
  • Comfortable – once they have fused properly, you will not tell the difference between your implant and your own teeth.

Dental implants are widely considered the moat successful way of replacing missing teeth (though there are some patients who prefer the thought of dentures).

Features and benefits of dentures 

  • Can be made up very quickly unlike dental implants which can be a longer process, to allow for bone-implant integration
  • Cost-effective.
  • Widely available.
  • Modern dentures are created to look more natural-looking than ever and also have a much better fit than models of the past.
  • Tackle the health risks of having a missing tooth by replacing it as soon as possible. This will prevent your facial muscles from ‘drooping’.

A stable result can indeed be yielded from dentures however – they can be stabilised with 4 lower implants, giving a retentive result. Patients can also have permanently fixed dentures in their lower jaw via the ‘ALL-ON-4’ option though this is dependent on the quality and availability of the bone. Where the upper jaw is concerned, it is considered that 6 implants are best suited to retaining an upper denture  or fixed bridge as the bone has more of a ‘spongy’ texture. If the bone is of correct quality and sufficiency, 4 implants can indeed be fine on occasions.

Dental Bridges
What can a bridge do for me?  

You do not necessarily need an implant to replace every missing tooth in a gap. If there is a gap in the dentition, instead of using healthy teeth as the anchors for bridges, we can place implants to support a bridge.

  • Give you more natural-looking teeth.
  • Bite, chew and speak with confidence and comfort.
  • Teeth used on a bridge can be matched to fit with the colour of your own teeth.
  • Long-lasting solution if your teeth are properly looked after.
  • Maintain good facial structure.
  • Distribute the force in your bite.

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