“Natural spaces found in-between your front teeth are known as diastemata and are widely considered to be an aesthetic trait. However, sometimes these gaps can be larger than desired and cause a lack of confidence. These ‘Black triangles’ are less attractive and not considered so much of an attractive trait.” Damian Flanagan

Both black triangles and large gaps between teeth can be challenging to deal with. Black triangles can leave your feel particularly vulnerable as the root can become exposed as a result of gum recession.

What is the cause of black triangles?

I get asked this a lot in the dental studio. Did you know 1 in 3 adults suffer from black triangles? The most likely cause of gum recession that causes black triangles is periodontal disease and this should be treated as soon as possible. Food can easily accumulate in these vacant gaps, affecting your gum line and in turn causing periodontal disease. We will be sure to educate and support you, creating a bespoke cleaning programme tailored to your individual needs. Once we know that your mouth is in good health, treatment can begin – we are now happy to offer a special composite bonding technique as a solution to gaps and black triangles.


What does treatment involve?

Here at 03 Dental we will place a tooth-shaped plastic shell over the tooth in question, filling it with composite material that matches the shade of your existing teeth. This treatment is known as Bioclear. The composite collects in the areas where you have no tooth; when the shell is removed, you will be left with a stunning contoured, naturally-looking composite.

Bioclear is a minimally invasive treatment and has benefited celebrities such as Eddie Murphy, Jack Black and Madonna.

The benefit of this treatment over veneers or crowns is that it can help build up and improve the integrity of your gum.


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